1. How to arrange your Mass
What to write on the Envelope
Where you can send your stipend for the Mass

1. How to arrange your Mass

Your normally do this by placing an offering in an envelope, writing on that envelope the intentions of the Mass and then handing the envelope to the priest you have chosen to say the Mass.

This is the "stipend envelope".

The offering (or stipend as it is called) is of no set amount but varies from place to place.

It is intended by the Church this should be the minimum amount to support a priest for one day.

If you do not know the amount which is usual in your area an enquiry from your fellow Catholics will usually give you the information you need.

In Australia we recommend a minimum of $15 to $20 AUD ($20 AUD for Tridentine Rite) but in other countries it will be more or less as the local custom provides.

To arrange your Masses online through Aid to the Church in Need and support a priest in need please click here (Please note: Masses arranged online do not require you to send a stipend envelope, Aid to the Church in Need will advise FOSS that your Masses have been arranged)

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2. What to write on the envelope

Because the Mass is offered as part of our perpetual novena you will write on the stipend envelope the intentions of our novena. These are as follows:

"Please offer Mass on (here write your allotted day) or on the nearest available day
FOR: All of the souls in Purgatory, especially deceased members of FOSS

Once you have handed your envelope to your chosen priest then you can regard the arrangements for the Mass as complete and you can then confirm the Mass for us through one of the forms on the drop down menu at the top of the page

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3. Where you can send your stipend

You can give your stipend to any priest you choose to say the Mass for you. We have a panel of priest located in various countries who have indicated willingness to say Masses for our members. There are priests listed for Tridentine Rite (Latin) Masses and priests listed for Novus Ordo Masses. If you live in one of the countries at the top of this page just click on the name of the country and it will take you to the list of the priests for your country. Or click on one of the following links:

United Kingdom

South Africa
Sri Lanka

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